Friday, February 12, 2010

Day Two in Bento Blogging Land

Welcome back to day two in bento land. After such a positive response {sort of} I am moving into the nasty details.  Inquiring minds want to know.  Below {I hope it's below} is Friday's bento box.  The lower box is shrimp, cucumber, and avocado sushi.  The shrimp is cooked, not raw, as it has to keep for 4-5 hours in a glorified lunch box.  Plus three little pickles tucked in the corner.  The top box is beets and scallions with a vinigarette, red peppers and carrots in soy sauce, some leftover cole slaw from a previous dinner, and the fruit is a winter canteloupe which was a stupid purchase and fairly tasteless.  The sushi, beets, and pepper/carrots were all made the night before.  The sushi is actually fairly easy once you get the rice and rolling down.  I've had previous experience rolling things but it has been a while.

Here is the bento box assembled and disassembled.  Fairly ingenious and all from the people who brought you WW11.  What will they think of next {cars that accelerate on their own?}.  The whole thing locks together very compactly; the chopsticks with the flip lid is very cool, and the size of the box gives a good amount but not over the top amount to eat.

I'm off for the weekend; just planning and shopping.  I'm sure the anticipation is hard to deal with.


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