Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick & Easy Bento

Thursday a long day at work, a late meeting, stop for a drink & a bite, and no time left for pre-bento work.  So Friday morning had to be quick & easy which bento can be. 

The large compartment on the right is bowtie pasta, cheese, scallion, and bell pepper with olive oil and lemon juice; plus a couple olives tucked in the corner.  The pasta is small and cooks in about five minutes.  You need to run cold water over it to cool; putting warm or hot items in the bento box especially next to other items is a no go for health & safety.  The smaller compartment is asparagus with a vinegarette, radishes, and pineapple/apple mix.  Simple, fast, easy.

Thursday was more traditional but also simple.  The large compartment is a rice medley {basically ingredients mixed with cooked rice}.  Adding the ingredients when the rice is still hot miximizes the flavor.  This is a small piece of pork marinated in mirin and sugar, grilled, and sliced plus sweet potato and fried okra {from a box of frozen okra}.  The small compartment is mushrooms, cucumbers, radish, and scallions marinated overnight in a chili infused oil plus snow peas and cherry tomatoes, and finally sliced oranges.

And that's it, a bento free weekend begins.

Cheers, Gary

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