Friday, February 26, 2010

Dead Land Animals Meet Bento

Wednesday & Thursday bentos featured small portions of dead land animals; chicken & pork. I always liked pigs but I have my doubts about chickens so the preparations Tuesday evening required liquid courage - note the wine as well as the usual prep items including the rice cooker, vegetables, cook book {you didn't think I thought all of this up did you}, vegetables, and in a small bowl the raw dead gross chicken body {so funky to the touch}.

Anyway here is the next step and  the result.  In the pan is chicken, celery, shitake mushrooms, and cashews.  This was mixed with rice with a couple of sundried tomatoes as garnish.  The small compartment is asparagus with lemon, mixed bell peppers and snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and fruit.

Thursday was ginger pork; basically small pieces of pork marinated in soy sauce and grated fresh ginger then cooked in oil.  Plus cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and radish in oil and balsamic vinegar, a few sauteed mushrooms, and pineapple and banana.  The large compartment is rice and peas.

And that's it in bento land for this week.  Off to the beach this Friday morning for a snowy weekend.  Perfect for Olympic ice hockey.  USA  USA  USA

Cheers, Gary

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