Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Most, The Oops, The Recovery

It's not a perfect world and sometimes even bento goes sideways. Monday's bento box led to some continued moaning about quanity and weight gain. Good flavor though and at least one bento diner had no trouble emptying the box {that be me}. So here it is: the large compartment is rice, chicken, cooked peppers, and cashews with curry and soy sauce {a winning combination}. The small comparment is cooked seasoned carrots {boil, drain, add sesame seeds, mirin, soy sauce, and sesame oil}; asparagus with a mustard vingarette; a couple of stuffed olives, and oranges. Seems reasonable.

Tuesday went bad; the stress level was to high.  It started with running out of nori {the seafood wrap} after all the ingredients were prepared.   So I tried to ad lib with one wrap {california roll with fake crab stick, avocado, cucumber, lemon juice} and one nigiri sushi {where the ingredient sits on top of the sushi rice}.  Okay, even if it did not quite hold together.  Added some broccoli, beets, a mixed salad with cucumbers and radishes, a couple of olives, some cherry tomatoes; completely forgot the fruit, and the whole thing was less than successful.  Live and learn.


Wednesday {today} I'm back.  A little less sushi roll {shrimp & avocado with wasibi}, fried sweet potatoes {slice about 1/4" thick and fry in a little canola oil and add kosher salt}, brussel sprouts for a winter treat, a small salad of mixed bell peppers, broccoli, scallions, cherry tomato, and radish with oil and vinegar, and the fruit {apple, grape, banana}.   Switched compartments and put the rice in the small comparment and the veges in the large.  Peace in the family.  A reasonable amount for light weights and enough for the man of the house.  If all life's problems were so easily solved.


Back on the weekend to review a 2nd attempt at california roll and a fish bento.

Cheers, Gary


  1. Glad you worked that one out! I agree that the small compartment seems like a more manageable portion of rice for a lunch. or else you might need to start scheduling a siesta for after lunch.

  2. Seistas would be good. I'll have to talk with my boss.