Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bento versus Work

Isn't it a bummer when work & life interfere with bento.  You have to have priorities; bento keeps me sane.  Another week and another 4 days of bento.  Friday we moved our office; quite a chore and we had pizza for lunch.

Monday was the typical shrimp sushi roll; always good and you can mix up the added ingredients.  This is shrimp, avocado, and scallion.  The small comparment is mushrooms with garlic, snap peas with red bell pepper, and the fruit is apple.

Tuesday is chicken and fried rice with peas, celery, and black pepper.  The small comparment is carrots, asparagus, cherry tomato, and the ftuit is strawberries and bananas.  The fried rice was nicely seasoned and moist; a winning and easy dish.

Wednesday features asparagus quiche by Jane {left over from an earlier dinner}.  Also in the small compartment is avocado.  The large compartment is a typical lettuce salad with olives, bell peppers, and scallion; plus blackberries and strawberries.

And since Jane is participating her is another collage by Jane; the  courtyard of a place we stayed in Oaxaca, Mexico {B7 - la casa de amor}.

Thursday's bento is a salmon {canned salmon} & cucumber rice medley.  Interesting but the salmon was a little strong for my delicate tastes.  A couple of cherry tomatoes {one on steriods} and in the small compartment carrots/radish mix with vinegar; dark purple beets with parsley, a banana/blackberry mix.

That's all from bento land for another week. 

Cheers, Gary

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