Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog 20

Blog #20; a milestone to nothing, but a nice round number.  Another hectic week and busy weekend and here I am Sunday evening trying to both catch up and get organized for next week.  So another short blog of basically pictures and lists.

Monday is a basic salmon salad {just like tuna only with canned salmon} and apple in the small compartment.  A rice mix with peas, onion, and okra plus marinated carrots in the large compartment.

Tuesday a little nicer bento.  The large comparment is shrimp sushi {cooked shrimp, asparagus, & cucumber}.  The small compartment is sauteed red bell pepper with nori seaweed, avocado with scallions and black pepper, and a fruit mix of grapes and oranges.

Wednesday's bento included egg salad, broccoli, strawberries, cherry tomato, rice and black beans plus red peppers.   Visually appealing and quite tasty.

Finally Thursday and the end of my office week.  A bowtie pasta salad, cherry tomato, asparagus, plus bananas and grapes.

And that was it for bento boxing.  If anyone wants details sing out.

Cheers, Gary

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