Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Week of Bento

Well almost a week, 4 days, which often passes as a week for me.  A high stress, long day, 4 day work week so no mid-week bento blog.  Here are the four days with a brief description of each. 

Monday's plan is to make a shrimp sushi roll, no nori, what a way to start.  The shrimp sushi roll became rice balls with white & black sesame seeds; shrimp, avocado, scallion, celery, and a cherry tomato to complete the large compartment.  The small comparment is cauliflower and a fruit mix.

Tuesday has a cabbage and ham mix {in honor of the Easter pig}, and pear.  Plus rice with snap peas, red pepper, and celery; & carrots.

Wednesday went to the store and got nori, had to have it.   The roll is all vegetable; asparagus, avocado, & scallion.  In the small compartment is a red pepper saute with onion & cherry tomato, celery, and apple.  Notice a theme here; not a lot of special ingredients on hand so there are some repeats.

Thursday has a rice, black & pinto bean, red pepper, carrot, and parsley mix with the balance of the ham.  The small comparment is beets, a radish & olive mix, and a banana & strawberry mix.  The beets were good and that's about all I have to say.

After a lovely weekend at the beach, gardening, and fighting off a bunny attack on the vegetable garden back to work tomorrow for hopefully a more mellow week.  {Since I have been unintentionally feeding the bunnies from the vegetable garden if I can get my hands on one a lovely French rabbit dinner,  well deserved,  may be on the way.  I am considering a slingshot unless someone has a better suggestion.}

Cheers, Gary

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