Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bento Goes BIG

Just a preview of what's to come.

Monday started an ordinary bento week although I had not shopped on the weekend and so was dependent on what was in the kitchen/pantry and what the head chef picked up at the store.  We actually had a good amount in house from the weekend and some stuff frozen so no big deal.  Monday's  bento had spinach with shredded Nori seaweed and mushrooms { a bit bitter but good}, beets with a shallot/mustard vinagerette {very tasty}, a couple of cherry tomatoes, and oranges, raspberry, and pineapple in the large compartment.  The small compartment had a shrimp, scallion, okra and egg medley with rice.  I thought the egg gave it kind of an unattractive color but medleys are easy; just mix the ingredients with warm rice.


Tuesday's goal was to use up the final sticks of fake crab.  A cup of rice, about 4 sticks of fake crab, 4 pieces of asparagus and one big fat roll.  Amazingly it held together and sliced well.  Took about four bites to eat each slice so it was a bit over the top.  It did make a nice looking roll.

Here is the whole bento box.  A little parsley to add color is on the slice sushi roll.  The smaller compartment is snap peas with mirin, soy sauce, sesame oil, and salt.  Plus some cherry tomatoes with garam masala, cumin, lemon juice, and oil; carrots and radishes with more of the shallot/mustard vinagerette from Monday; and finally pineapple and banana.  A nice color and taste mix.

Wednesday's bento continued with some Indian spices {I browsed through an Indian cookbook we had and got some good bento ideas - but that's the next blog to be}.  The large compartment is chicken, bell peppers, jalapeno {India meet Mexico}, scallion, and celery all with curry and a little soy sauce.  Plus broccoli with soy and sliced almonds.

The small compartment is rice with black beans and parsley plus chunks of apple. 

And three days done.  Thurday is cooked and cooling; Friday depends on work schedule {no work - no bento --seems fair}.

Cheers, Gary

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  1. Nice photo of the sushi roll on the red cutting board. Makes me hungry just looking at it!