Saturday, March 13, 2010

International Bento

Indian food is a good match for bento.  Thursday's bento was a curry rice with pork, carrots, potatoes, peas, and fresh ginger.  Basically saute the sliced pork in a little salad oil {like a tablespoon or two} and ginger, add spices {tumeric, curry, cayenne, garam marsala}; quickly boil the pototoes, carrots and peas; and add it all to warm rice.  Easy and very tasty for those who like life a little hot.  Added in the small compartment some asparagus, a couple of small white boiling onions, and a raspberry, banana, orange fruit mix for a very good bento box.  I think I will explore this more next week.

Friday I thought we were off to the beach but weather and life intervened so had to do a quick bento with little in the house.  Pasta is always dependable and easy to store.   This pasta is organic pipe rigate bronze cut.  If you know what that means you get a prize.  It's sort of a weird little seashell type thing.  Anyways added red pepper, scallions, grated parmesan, parsley, and jalapeno {what was left in the refrigerator that would work}, plus some olive oil  and dried spices and off we go.  The small comparment is green beans with sliced red onion, sesame seeds, butter, and sliced almond.  Picking up a sliced almond with a chopstick is a lesson in patience {learn while you eat}.  Sliced radishes with kosher salt and pineapple ended the week.

And just to keep the international theme here is the famous bento dog - Welsh Corgi Morgan.  Renown bento box cleaner if in a pinch there is no kitchen available.

Never met a bento box she didn't like, although somewhat picky with the fruits and vegetables {loves carrots, but not green beans or tomatoes}.

Cheers, Gary

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