Saturday, March 6, 2010

End of the Week Bento

End of the week bento for those who shop only on the weekends means planning ahead, having some basic ingredients always on hand {rice, soy sauce, mirin, cooking oils, etc}, using leftovers, frozen food {chicken, peas, okra} and using the food choices that last longer at the end of the week {apples, carrot, radish, peppers}.  Or making an emergency store stop which I had to do when I ran out of nori; the sushi wrap.  So it goes.

Above is Thursday bento.  California rolls again {I had to buy the fake crab in a little package that has enough for about three lunch bentos; thus the repeat}.   This time I kept the roll simple; just the fake crab and avocado; worked out well.  Along side is asparagus and in the other compartment is a raw vegetable mix of cherry tomatoes, radish, and carrot; some cornichons, and an an apple/banana fruit mix.

Friday included some mahi mahi fried fish left over from fish tacos the night before {hiding under the lemons}, snap peas in soy sauce, radishes, and apple in the small compartment.  The large compartment is mostly plain rice with a couple of dried tomatoes and some sauteed spinich and mushrooms.  The plain white rice works well for visual interest and contrast but is a bit of a hassle to eat for the chopstick challenged.

Not so much to write on this blog so thought I'd add a little visual excitement; street art in Barcelona.

Ciao, Gary

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