Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bento Returns

Back in the saddle, bento returns to its former glory with vengence.  The week is off to a fine start with two fine tasting bento boxes; even received the stamp of approval from the head chef. 

Monday featured a shrimp roll with scallions and avocado {in the large compartment resting on a bed of baby spinach}.  Very tasty; I could live on this stuff.

The small compartment is green beans {boiled with soy sauce, mirin, wine, and sugar}, mushrooms with garlic, onion, hot pepper and seasonings, and a fruit mix of strawberry, bannana, and pineapple. 

Tuesday has some leftover tuna and shrimp.  The tuna is cut into 1/2" strips, sauteed in cooking oil, and then boiled in a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, water, and wine { about 1/2 tblsp of each}.   And as a last step wrapped in a strip of seaweed.  Very good but the tuna was a bit overcooked and the cost of tuna is a bit over ridiculous.

A little hard to see in the small comparment; I will have to speak with the photographer.  Okay I'll try to do better.  Also in the small compartment is orange-cabbage salad [cabbage, orange, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper]; and a mix of red and green bell peppers blanched with white and black sesame seeds.  The large compartment is sweet potato rice {cooked together in the rice cooker, just put the diced and soaked sweet potato on top}, and apple.  A nice mix, very tasty, a reasonable amount, it's all good.

Hope I can keep it up.  Two days to go; we are off to the beach Thursday evening for more gardening and beach pleasures.

Just thought I'd throw this in.  A collage by Jane of a beach house where we stayed on Long Island, Bahamas.  The owner/cook was a French/Canadian chef from Montreal; meals were part of the deal, it was a very good time.   http://www.chezpierrebahamas.com/

Cheers, Gary

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